Focusing at Work




Understand specs, challenge it if needed, then make it alive, quickly, efficiently, and securely, through an understandable, maintainable, and sustainable code. That's how I see the job of a developer.


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I've been writing HTML for more than 30 years now, but I make it to the latest specifications and APIs, native or via JSX / TSX. Even if I prefer it pure, I'm also easy with derived syntaxes like Pug.


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Often misunderstood and a lot of times really bad taught, modern JS is a powerful and versatile language that can solve so many problems that I'm not surprised it stays the more used and loved one for several years.


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In my humble opinion, it's the masterpiece technology of today's Web. In all its flavors, I never saw any design challenge that CSS wasn't able to address. I'm easy with PostCSS, SCSS and Stylus. I like a lot the concise syntax of SASS. I'm not found so much with CSS in JS, but if it's really needed let's do it...


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The missing part of JS: a strong and powerful type system that drastically accelerates the development workflow by giving errors at compile time rather than at runtime.
Essential today.